Work Samples

Goff Graphic Novel Page
A graphic novel page created from the interview and photographs of Antoine Goff.

Antoine Goff [Video] Introducing Antoine Goff, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 11 years, created for the Northern California Innocence Project.

The Search for the Missing [PDF] A draft of a book about forensic investigations to find the missing from war and disaster, and to discover their identities. Warning: contains very graphic images.

Catstantinople [PDF] A graphic novel (95% true) about a photojournalist in Istanbul, his writer girlfriend, and their cats. All original photography and art.

Fire Season [PDF] Photography from wildland firefighting in California.

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp [Slideshow] A rough cut of a day in the life of the Pine Grove camp for young juvenile prisoners.

Pine Grove Audio/Photo Sampler [Slideshow] Sample photographs and audio from the Pine Grove camp for young juvenile prisoners.


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