I have an exceptional ability to tell stories in a way that can emotionally connect those who need help with those who can help. I have thirty years experience creating content, medium, and form, through three careers as a photojournalist, software developer, and graphic designer. I specialize in creating cutting-edge multimedia products for common-good advocacy projects. My expertise is in complex and difficult issues that intimately affect ordinary people : war, human rights abuses, disasters, and environmental change.


Multimedia Advocacy Consulting

I specialize in creating cutting-edge multimedia products for common-good advocacy projects. My broad skill set lets me work in the field as a journalist and photographer, then to write articles and create websites, mobile apps, and exhibitions. I am a good public speaker and clean up nicely.

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I conceive, code and design custom websites, WordPress plugins, using PHP/ MySQL/ JavaScript/ HTML/ CSS, and mobile apps with Corona SDK for iOS and Android. My projects include a website publishing system, a self-editing chat, an art gallery with automated print sales, and a multimedia publisher and reader for WordPress, InDesign, and iPad.

Project Management

Frankly, I usually end up managing most of the small-team projects I have worked on. I understand both the technical and creative sides of design and software projects, and my experience lets me schedule while maintaining quality control. As well as handling clients’ projects, I managed and art directed a graphic design company for five years.


I offer UX/UI design, based on a real understanding of the product and the client’s business needs and goals. Graphic design follows, for digital and print projects, including logos, collateral, websites, mobile apps, and more. I use a functional design approach, emphasizing goals and results to create useful visuals. I also manage small-team graphic design projects.


I shoot the essence of what it is to be a human being through images found at the borders of human experience. I seek to show our common humanity.

Photography Portfolio

Multimedia Ebooks

I create the structure, concept, design, and content for eBook apps (using my own software platform), as well as for common eBooks.

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Commercial Portfolio


Work Samples

Goff Graphic Novel Page

A graphic novel page created from the interview and photographs of Antoine Goff.

Antoine Goff [Video] Introducing Antoine Goff, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 11 years, created for the Northern California Innocence Project.

The Search for the Missing [PDF] A draft of a book about forensic investigations to find the missing from war and disaster, and to discover their identities. Warning: contains very graphic images.

Catstantinople [PDF] A graphic novel (95% true) about a photojournalist in Istanbul, his writer girlfriend, and their cats. All original photography and art.

Fire Season [PDF] Photography from wildland firefighting in California.

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp [Slideshow] A rough cut of a day in the life of the Pine Grove camp for young juvenile prisoners.

Pine Grove Audio/Photo Sampler [Slideshow] Sample photographs and audio from the Pine Grove camp for young juvenile prisoners.

  • David Gross is terrific. He skillfully designed, coded and produced a website and iPad app for my multi-media project on the Iraq war. It’s hard to imagine working as easily and efficiently with anyone else. He’s unique — a photographer who codes, a coder with a designer’s eye. His heart as well as his skills go into every project he works on.

  • David is one of the most creative and hard-working people I’ve collaborated with. He understands clients’ needs but always seeks to push the boundaries to find a new and exciting solution. I’ve known him since 1990’s Prague…and he is completely wacky and fun.

  • He is a man of exceptional talent, integrity and singular spirit.  He personifies the humanity of image reporting and I am in no doubt that his work will serve as an everlasting monument to the incongruous dichotomy of desperation and salvation that is the very soul of mass disaster and genocide investigations…. I have such complete and total confidence in the decency and dignity of this man that I would never hesitate to give him access to the most sensitive areas in which we work. Whilst some of his images must by necessity be gruesome and depressive, so many others are so poignantly touching and beautiful that he manages to achieve that ethereal balance between portraying the worst of human nature alongside our indomitable spirit of hope.

    Sue Black
  • I would like to recommend David Gross as a dedicated, intelligent, creative and knowledgeable photojournalist, someone who has put in the extra effort to understand his subjects and go beyond the surface. … His photography is first rate, both in aesthetics and journalistic quality. He captures the emotions and moments of a story while also addressing the tangible issues.

    William D. Haglund



You can reach me at david@davidgross.org

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